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Bitcoin Cash News: Now Available on Netcoins

Bitcoin cash is proving to be a very popular cryptocurrency, with more and more people investing in the digital coin every day. A recent update means that users are able to access Bitcoin Cash on Netcoins, a global, social community who provides virtual cryptocurrency ATMs.

The company have recently issued a press release announcing that by the end of the week, Bitcoin Cash will be available for “immediate access purchase”. This significant update means that users of the coin will soon be able to access it at over 21,000 locations around the globe.

This is a hugely positive move for Bitcoin Case, as this inclusion onto Netcoin’s platform will give a huge boost in terms of adaptability of the coin. Those who are in the areas covered by the company will be able to trade Bitcoin Cash a lot more quickly, easily and efficiently than the methods that they are currently using.

It will be especially beneficial to users that do not have the capability to mine the coin themselves, as they will now be able to buy the digital token using a Virtual Crypto ATM, operated by Netcoins.

Netcoin already offer this service with numerous coins, and by adding Bitcoin Cash, its number of coins offered goes up to 7, with just EOS left to add before it offers all of the top cryptocoins. This fact alone gives consumers a compelling reason to use Netcoins over other, similar companies.

It is not just the consumers and Netcoin that will benefit from this update. In fact, the entity that is likely to benefit the most is Bitcoin Cash itself, as it just adds to the many big announcements that are having a positive effect on the digital coin at the moment. This inclusion on some of the biggest crypto payment services shows that there is a high level of trust in the BCH project, and we should start to see the positive effects this update brings very soon.

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