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Bitcoin Jesus Implores His Faithful To Go Forth And Follow Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Jesus, AKA Roger Ver, made his name and earned his reputation by praising Bitcoin – the world’s first crypto – and investing heavily in it himself. But now, like The Savior himself coming to earth to preach the New Testament, Bitcoin Jesus is preaching the gospel of Bitcoin Cash, but is his word good?

Back in 2009 when the majority of the few who had heard of Bitcoin dismissed it as a flight of fancy, Roger Ver began to invest in what was the world’s first and only cryptocurrency. Ver – a super-smart young entrepreneur who in 2000 had served 10 months in a US penitentiary for selling firecrackers that had a little more “pop” to them than was legal – was looking for something to get excited about, and he found it in cryptocurrency.

Ver, whose bitter experience with US justice led to him disowning America, taking up Caribbean citizenship and making Japan both his home and the center of his business empire, saw in cryptocurrency the embodiment of independence, non-conformism and respect of privacy, values that he held dear, but the US, he feared, did not.

The Anointment Of “Bitcoin Jesus”

Handsome, charismatic, a shrewd businessman and great talker, Ver invested heavily in Bitcoin and also pumped a million dollars of his own money into Bitcoin-based startups like Ripple and Kraken, earning fortunes when all of those companies became huge. All the while, Ver would wax-lyrical about his favorite subject, Bitcoin. In fact, his seminars became more like sermons in which he would preach the word of BTC to his ever growing flock, so much so that he was soon dubbed “Bitcoin Jesus”, a moniker that still persists to this day.

However, while maintaining his loyalty to Bitcoin, more recently Ver has begun eulogizing about one of BTC’s hard-fork-in-the-blockchain derived offspring’s – Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash (BCC or BCH) was created on August 1 2017, the result of a pre-arranged hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. This was done primarily  to increase the capacity of the Bitcoin block from 1 MB to 8 MB. The ensuing new cryptocurrency has thus far proved a runaway success. It is currently the world’s fourth most valuable crypto – behind only Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – and it has a market cap valuation of $22 billion. But if one were to base the crypto rankings solely on the time that Bitcoin Cash has been live, the crypto newcomer would be streets ahead of its rivals.

Roger Ver Talks Bitcoin Cash To CNBC

Roger Ver, aka Bitcoin Jesus, talks bitcoin cash hard fork from CNBC.


This week Roger Ver – who was at a Bitcoin conference in Thailand – phoned in to CNBC’s Easy Money, primarily to evangelize on  the benefits of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). He was quick to explain that recent headlines stating Bitcoin Cash had undergone a hard fork were incorrect, it has simply undergone an upgrade to increase its block capacity.

Among Ver’s quotes were: 

“The point of the upgrade was to make room for the entire world to use bitcoin cash as money.”

“Right now Bitcoin Cash has 30 times the capacity for transaction that Bitcoin has.”

“I am extremely optimistic about Bitcoin Cash for the exact motivations I had on Bitcoin again in 2011 “

“Bitcoin Cash is targeting being used as money for the entire world.”

Ver now says that Bitcoin’s core software is “slow, expensive and unreliable”, and instead recommends Bitcoin Cash because it was developed for the purpose of handling large numbers of transactions, and its software is far better “because it actually works.”

Of course, let’s not forget that Roger Ver has a “dog in this fight”, and that he has pumped pretty much all he has into Bitcoin Cash. If BCH becomes as big as Ver believes it will be, he stands to be right up there with the likes of Bezos, Gates and Buffet as one of the richest men in the world. If not, he will have to tighten his belt and keep on preaching for a little while longer.

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