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An Interesting Bit of Exposure for Bitcoin Brings the Name to Millions

Bitcoin has recently had an interesting piece of exposure… on the set of Coronation Street. Every single episode, 8 million people watch the TV show, meaning that this great way of getting the Bitcoin name out there.

Although Bitcoin has been around in a while now, there is still a huge portion of the world who have never heard of the digital coin, and this TV show appearance could be the opportunity it needs to make the public aware. This is where mainstream exposure is invaluable, and Bitcoin wasn’t just mentioned on the soap, it actually featured as part of one of the main storylines.

Sure, there are a large number of sites, blogs, social media sites and forums all dedicated to the cryptocurrency, but nothing is better at bringing the message to the masses than TV or film.

For those unfamiliar with the show, Coronation Street is the longest running British soap opera, having been running since 1960.

The storyline features a character named Ryan Conner, previously a drug addict and a gambler. After losing all his money he remembers he invested £50 on a digital currency a long time ago, and after looking it up he finds that his initial investment is now worth £250 million. However, when they finally find the password they realised that it was worth that much when the coin peaked, and it has now dropped in value and is worth next to nothing.

Recently, Bitcoin has been popping up in a number of TV shows, such as the hugely popular Big Bang Theory. Even the Simpsons aired a few episodes that have a crypto connection. While several rap artists have also mentioned Bitcoin in their lyrics. Plus in even bigger news, a movie called Crypto is currently in the process of being filmed.

The reality is that the world of cryptocurrency is appearing ever more regularly in pop culture, which could be considered a very positive step in the right direction.

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