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Apple’s Steve Wozniak Wants Bitcoin As The World’s Single Currency

In an interview earlier today (June 4) on CNBC, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he hoped that Bitcoin will become the “world’s single currency” inside of ten years. “I buy into what Jack (Twitter) Dorsey says” stated Wozniak.

First it was Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey a few weeks ago, and now its Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: Within the space of a month, these two brilliant, creative and fabulously wealthy individuals have both given their endorsement to Bitcoin one day becoming the world’s “Single Currency.”

However, with Bitcoin struggling for any kind of consistency in the crypto market for the past few months, right now seeing BTC as the world’s Premier Currency would seem as far-fetched as Santa Claus making a comeback.

Steve Wozniak “Bigs-Up” Bitcoin On CNBC

Regardless of Bitcoin’s current circumstance, the world’s no.1 crypto has a major advocate in Apple’s Steve Wozniak. Speaking to CNBC earlier today, Wozniak  – the genius who along with Steve Jobs laid the foundations for what would become the biggest tech corporation on the planet in Apple, said that Bitcoin could soon go back up in value to its previous high of $20,000. He also endorsed the comments made back in May by Twitter boss Jack Dorsey who said that he wanted Bitcoin to be the world’s number one currency:

“I buy into what Jack Dorsey says, not that I necessarily believe that it’s going to happen but because I want it to be that way. That is so pure thinking.”

“Bitcoin, because it’s regulated in its quantity, you get down to supply and demand. And there’s more and more people who want it and demand it and there was a hype going on for a period and it went up to $20,000 then down, I don’t know where it is because I never track it.”

Steve Wozniak: The Genius Behind Apple

Many regard 67-year old Wozniak as the original creative genius behind Apple’s early success, with the late Steve Jobs the company’s charismatic frontman.  Wozniak was very much a key player in the early days of the internet, and sees a similar scenario with the blockchain today.

Wozniak believes that for blockchain technology and Bitcoin to truly take hold, vast numbers of people will have to change their current mindset,  as they did when internet was first introduced. As Wozniak said:

“People have to have their mindset change, culture and tradition and status quo and the way things are doesn’t change that rapidly when it’s that huge.”

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