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“Beyond Bitcoin” Documentary Purchased By Slate at The Cannes Film Festival

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, The Slate Entertainment Group paid out a reputed seven-figure sum for the distribution rights to “Beyond Bitcoin”, an upcoming documentary about the blockchain and cryptocurrency phenomenon.

Blockchain-based tech firm, the Slate Entertainment Group has paid a reported seven-figures for the distribution rights to Fulwell 73’s cryptocurrency documentary “Beyond Bitcoin”. Scheduled for release in March 2019, Beyond Bitcoin will make its debut and be shown initially on Slate’s blockchain video-on-demand platform Binge.

What’s The Skinny On Beyond Bitcoin?

Beyond Bitcoin was directed by Jake Witzenfeld, and tells the story of a year in the cryptocurrency world, featuring a crypto market trader named Ryan Radloff, a blockchain diplomat named Perianne Boring and a maverick, anti-establishment figure, none other than Roger “Bitcoin Jesus” Ver (pictured above), one of the most well-known and high-profile people in the digital currency industry. .

The documentary follows each of these three protagonists over the course of a year as they go about their particular business within the crypto-world, wheeling and dealing and talking about the benefits of the blockchain and digital currency.

The documentary also covers the rise and rise of cryptocurrency, the proliferation of ICOs, the running battles with governments and regulators, and the potential benefits of blockchain technology to a world beyond crypto.

Who Are Fulwell 73?

Set up by four friends in 2005, Fulwell 73 are a highly respected and well-established UK production company, which gives plenty of hope that Beyond Bitcoin will be a well-made, informative, and – most important of all – highly entertaining. The roster of international stars that Fulwell 73’s has produced TV shows for is impressive and extensive, and includes Justin Bieber, Robbie Williams, Jimmy Carr, One Direction, Michael McIntyre and Jack Whitehall.

In 2017, popular actor and TV presenter James “Carpool Karaoke” Corden (pictured above with Harry Styles) became a partner in the company, and Beyond Bitcoin is the first production Corden has been involved with.

The Power Of A Documentary

UK-born director Jake Witzenfeld has a background in television, and is best known for the 2016 series Confess. A well-made, successful documentary can be both financially lucrative, plus it will get a message out more effectively than 100 written articles ever could. Anyone who saw Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9-11 instantly became a semi-authority on that controversial subject. Likewise, Asif Kapadia’s documentaries Senna and Amy are amazingly involving crash-courses in the lives of two incredibly talented but damned individuals.

Should Beyond Bitcoin attract the same kind of buzz and hype that each of those thee documentaries did, the attention and improved perception it will bring to cryptocurrency will be massive.

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