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“Oh No He Di’unt”;  Watch Venture Capitalist Tim Draper’s “Bitcoin Rap”

Tim Draper, one of America’s more high profile venture capitalists pulled a “Bulworth” at the recent TNW Conference and proceeded to perform a Bitcoin croon-rap hybrid which left his audience questioning his sanity, but left nobody in doubt as to Draper’s continued passion for crypto.  

In the 1998 Oscar-nominated movie Bulworth, Senator Jay Bulworth (played by Warren Beatty) has an epiphany when he suddenly goes from a broken man on the verge of suicide to an enlightened “prophet”, suddenly filled with the desire to tell people the unmitigated truth about everything from the real Republican view on African Americans to how insurance companies run the world – by rapping about it.

60-year old Californian Tim Draper is a high-profile venture capitalist  who has embraced the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and who has been a major advocate of Bitcoin for almost a decade. Draper was speaking at the recent TNW (The Next Web) Conference when he decided to take a leaf out of Jay Bulworth’s book. He discarded his intended speech, and instead elected to rap his final message. It was the first time a 60-year old influential, wealthy white man had proceeded to stun a rich, privileged, mostly white audience by rapping at them since, well, Jay Bulworth!

What Did Tim Draper Do?

Tim Draper was being interviewed in depth on stage by Bloomberg’s Justina Lee. The interview had gone smoothly, with Draper answering Lee’s questions on blockchain and crypto thoughtfully and articulately. Responding to Lee’s final question: “How will blockchain change the world?”, Draper responded:

 “Well, okay. Here, I have got to go to my notes.”

Quickly putting on a Bitcoin tie, Draper whipped out his phone, and then, to gasps followed by stunned silence and embarrassed laughter from the audience, he proceeded to “entertain” them with a mixture of crooning and rapping. Check it out below.

What Did The Crypto In-Crowd Think?

We at are big fans of Tim Draper, and covered him recently in an article. Tim wears his heart on his sleeve and shoots from the hip, that’s just the way he is.

Justina Lee was impressed with Draper’s performance, later writing about the incident on Bloomberg.

Jordan Pearson of Motherboard disagreed with Lee calling what Draper performed a “rap.”

“I am convinced that this bizarre display is not a rap. It’s barely singing. Really, it is just totally, completely strange. To my ear, it lies somewhere between a schoolteacher reading a book to children very slowly, slam poetry, and frankly just very bad singing.”

In our opinion, let’s just say that neither Michael Bubble nor Kendrick Lamar should be looking over their shoulders just yet. You can watch Justina Lee’s full interview with Tim Draper here:

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