Who Accepts Bitcoin? – Places Where You Can Spend Bitcoin

Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular. Every day more people recognize it as the monetary system that saves us of the bureaucracy of the financial system.

The largest movement of Bitcoin is online shopping, which is quite logical since we are talking about a virtual currency. There is a great number of retailers that are allowing customers to pay by using said currency, and it appears to be growing fast. These retailers include some huge brands such as Microsoft and Dell.  If you visit Microsoft’s website, you will notice that you can pay with Bitcoin for games, movies, and applications.

There are even food stores where you can use this payment method, for instance, Subway Sandwich Outlets in the U.S. which reportedly allow buying with Bitcoins as well.

However, many customers and businesses still have reservations about this payment method, so if you are trying to find ways to spend your Bitcoins and do not know where or what can you buy with it, below you will find a list of sites where you will be able to delight yourself.

Internet sites that accept Bitcoin payments

  • For all the adventurers, travelers and wanderlusts out there, the site allows the payment for flight tickets with Bitcoins. You just have to book your flight and then you will have to select the payment form with Bitcoin.


  • As you travel, you will also need a place to stay at. Luckily offers many hotel options and the best part, you will be able to book your accommodation with Bitcoins too. Keep in mind that the site only works within the U.S. and it only works for hotels.


  • is an amazing site where you can find pretty much anything from furniture to decoration items, bed and bath, outdoors equipment and even clothing for men, women, and babies. If you happen to not find what you are looking for in, and you still feel the urge to spoil yourself a little more, you can never go wrong with jewelry.


  • All things Luxury is an online jewelry shop that allows you to buy their pieces by using Bitcoin. But if you feel generous instead, or you just want to share with your loved ones, gift cards are the best and practical options.


  •, allows you to buy amazing gift cards. It is an amazing way to have instant coupons in your hands. Notice that this site works only in the U.S. as well.


  • On the same subject, the site Coincards.CA offers you electronic and physical gift cards. For instance, you can buy gift cards from Amazon and have them emailed or sent to you physically. Consider that Coincards.CA is available only for Canada.


  • is a very popular site inside the Bitcoin community, you can buy anything on Amazon with an additional discount. So if you are a big Amazon user pay attention to how this works: it is very simple; you just have to log in to your Amazon account and to copy paste the link of your wish list to and share it. This will make up and order and you will get a 10% discount which is preset (but you can always change it to a little higher rate) and just wait for someone to place the order for you. Once you receive your order, you release the Bitcoin payment.

In short, we can say that buying with Bitcoin is as simple as using a credit card and since it is becoming more popular, it will become more accessible as well.

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