Who Accepts Bitcoin

Who accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment?

All over the globe, people are starting to make investments in the world of Bitcoin. Those who have conducted research into this market will know that buying Bitcoin, or any other type of digital currency, can come with a risk. The fact is, as more investors get into the market, more ways to spend or exchange the currencies are needed.

Companies around the world are aware of the new currency that has taken an important role in today’s economy. Although many investors are happy just to use it for transfers, others are looking to use it for more, such as using it to purchase goods or services.

If you are one of the many investors holding bitcoin, and want to do some shopping, well there are already several sites that have integrated a payment platform to accept Bitcoin as a payment for their products or services. More and more businesses are starting to accept Bitcoin, even some that operate offline. In some states in the US you can use bitcoin to pay for your parking!

Back in January 2014, Overstock became the first retailer to accept bitcoin as a method of payment. is an online retailer that ships their products to many countries around the world, making it a great option for the cryptocurrency holders. It accepts Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and of course Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, you just need to select the currency at the checkout page to complete the purchase.


This is one of the largest travel booking agencies currently online, and since June 2014, it gives its customers the option to make their hotel bookings using bitcoin. For the time being, bitcoin payment is only accepted for the hotel bookings, but will soon expand, giving customers the option to use Bitcoin to book flights and activities. Expedia set up the bitcoin payment options with the help of Coinbase.


This is a website and app that allows it users to purchase gift cards from several online and offline stores such as: Amazon, JCPenny, Sephora, Home Depot, Kohl´s and various others. eGifter gives you the option to buy gift cards with bitcoin from places that don´t necessarily accept bitcoin on regular bases.


Newegg has gained popularity as one of the largest online retailers for electronic goods and gadgets. Bitpay has team up with Newegg to provide their customers the option to pay with bitcoin. However not all of the vendors who sell through Newegg are willing to accept bitcoin for payments, but you can find out which does through the platform.


August 2014 was the first time that the Satellite television and Internet service provider accepted bitcoin as a method of payment. This is the first subscription-based TV provider to accept the digital currency. Dish decided to work along with Coinbase to set up the option. Of course, the transaction needs to take place online.


They will locate if there is a pizza joint close to you (Domino´s, Pizza Hut or Papa John´s), if there is, they will send it to you and you can make your payment with bitcoin or more than other 45 currencies.


This global giant is able to accept bitcoin for funds in your Microsoft account. You will be able to use your balance to purchase apps, movies or games in the Windows or Xbox stores, but not things from the Microsoft online store. Be aware that once you deposit your bitcoin as funds, they are not refundable.

These are just some examples of the companies that you have available to make your payments with bitcoin. Be sure to inform yourself before making any transactions and remember to make sure that your funds are secure at all times.

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