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Ethereum Set To Offer Major League Baseball Digital Collectibles

Ethereum are set to launch a range of fully licensed Major League Baseball digital collectibles later this year. Lucid Sight, a blockchain gaming company, is launching MLB Crypto Baseball, through a licensing deal with MLB. If the project is half as popular as CryptoKitties, it will be regarded as a big success.

Later this year, Ethereum will take yet another step toward the mainstream when they co-launch an exciting range of MLB digital collectibles.  Lucid Sight, a blockchain gaming company is launching MLB Crypto Baseball, through a licensing deal with MLB. One of the platforms chosen as an outlet for MLB Crypto Baseball will be Ethereum.

MLB Crypto Now Live, Game Yet To Launch

Whilst the official website for  MLB Crypto Baseball is now live, the game itself is yet to launch. For now, visitors to the site will be able to use Ether to buy digital MLB collectibles, and soon they will also be able to play games and earn various Ether-based rewards.

In a similar fashion to 2017’s smash hit CryptoKitties, the MLB Crypto Baseball collectibles could soon be sold via the Ethereum blockchain to other crypto users. Representatives of MLB were in talks with Lucid Sight when CryptoKitties was launched in November 2017. CryptoKitties has already made over $25 million in profits.

The MLB’s Executive Vice President of Gaming and New Business Ventures Kenny Gersh said that the game proved that MLB Crypto would be successful in “delivering baseball” to users with the help of blockchain technology.

Continuing To Grow The MLB Brand

Gersh said that while they are not entering into the blockchain and crypto world due to their increasing popularity, he does admit that since the MLB’s attendance has been down this season, they are looking for fresh new avenues with which they can continue to grow the MLB brand.

To help achieve that goal, MLB Crypto will also allow customers to collect all products that celebrate and commemorate MLB events. As Gersh himself put it:

“For me, say the Red Sox win the division in a couple months, I want to buy something that symbolizes that. These will be event-based things — those moments in sports that happen that you want to remember and cherish, and have a sense that you were there, even if only digitally.”

Gersh added that while some people may accuse them of running an MLB-based  “get-rich-quick scheme,” they should try and understand that all the MLB is doing is simply transferring its current collectibles to the digital age. In a bygone era, people, went crazy for cards and bobbleheads, maybe they can also get excited about a digital game and a range of MLB collectibles.

The first 100 visitors that sign up to MLB Crypto will be given a free MLB Crypto Baseball collectible. Early users will also be rewarded with random collectibles on a first-come-first-served basis.

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