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Will Ethereum Based Brave Browser Become the New Chrome?

Those outside of the cryptocurrency industry claim that there is no place for dapps in our world, as they currently have no user base. However, the new browser like platform based on Ethereum, the Brave Browser, has only been around a little while and already industry experts are claiming that it is a viable alternative to some of the more popular browsers out there, such as Chrome and Firefox.

The browser will appeal to many thanks to its focus on both privacy and security, two things that some browsers are currently lacking in. It has a built in ad blocker and features advanced security settings to make users feel secure when using it.

Brave Browser is based on the open source project of Chromium, and also asks as the base protocol for the popular Google Chrome. In order to incentives its creators, the Dapp utilises a ERC20 token which is know as the Brave Attention Token.

Already the browser has over 3 million users, and it is a number that just keeps on growing. At the moment, most of the user base is made up of digital creators and publishers who want to make use of Brave’s transparent advertising and revenue sharing model, from which cryptocurrency is used to compensate the publishers.

Already there are over 18,000 content creators and publishers who are both registered and verified with the browser, many of which are YouTube and Twitch streamers.

At the moment, Chrome and Safari have complete dominance over the browser industry, with many users not even considering making a change. Yet the fact that Ethereum Blockchain based products are considered a viable alternative is a good sign for its future use.

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