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Will Vitalik Buterin Quit Ethereum For Google?

24-year old wunderkind Vitalik Buterin has already founded the world’s no.2 cryptocurrency in Ethereum, it would now seem he is wanted by what is quite possibly the single most important company in the world right now – Google.

A representative of Google, the world’s largest internet search engine and one of the world’s biggest companies –  has apparently approached the founder and CEO of Ethereum – the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency –  and offered him a job at the company. According to Buterin, the task Google want him to help with is blockchain related, although the 24-year old Russian-born Canadian whiz kid programmer didn’t elaborate on the position he was offered or the work he’d be doing if he accepted Google’s offer.

Buterin Tweets Google Job Offer

What Buterin did do was log on to his Twitter account and share a truncated screenshot of an email he’d received from Google recruiter Elizabeth Garcia, which clearly offered him a position at the company.  He also added a poll to the Tweet, asking people to vote on whether or not he should quit his position as boss of Ethereum and work for Google. The Tweet was live for just over two hours before it was taken down. By that point, 41% of voters wanted Buterin to leave Ethereum and work for Google, while the majority of voters, some 59%, wanted him to remain with the company he founded when he was just 19-years old.

Why did Buterin A) post such a disrespectful Tweet and then B), suddenly take it down with no explanation?

As to why, we only imagine that the job he has been offered may have come with the stipulation that he had to quit working for Ethereum, or that he felt the position was beneath him, or both. Had he been thrilled with the offer (of becoming CEO of Google for example) he surely wouldn’t have Tweeted it with a poll attached.

Why did he take the Tweet down? Either he realized he was being disrespectful and thought better of it, or Google themselves contacted him and asked him to remove what could be classed as confidential material.

Even though the Tweet has now officially disappeared, has located a copy of it:

Google & The Blockchain

In March of this year, Google let slip it was working on two different blockchain-based  projects. One was called  a “Tamper-proof Log” auditing system, which Google were pursuing a patent for,  which used blockchain technology and would protect enterprise audit information. The other project was a Cloud Operations Platform that again was powered by blockchain technology.

This may however be just the tip of the iceberg; in 2017 the market for blockchain-based products was worth $706 million. By 2024, experts predict that same market could be worth as much as $60 billion. There is no way that Google are going to allow themselves to get left behind in the race to get the maximum out of the blockchain, either by purchasing promising startups, or developing projects 100% from the ground up.

About Vitalik Buterin

To many, Vitalik Buterin is regarded as the Bill Gates or Steve Jobs of his generation, and he possesses possibly the sharpest intellect of anyone involved in the crypto industry. He was born in the Russian town of Kolomna, near the Moscow Oblast, where his father Dmitry  worked as computer scientist. When he was six, his father uprooted the family for Canada, and once there, it wasn’t long before young Vitalik was attending special schools for gifted children. Buterin first heard about Bitcoin from his father when aged 17, and immediately became obsessed with the subject. In 2013, he published a white paper proposing his own Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency named Ethereum.

It would take two years of hard work before Ethereum first opened for business in 2015, and would be a further two years of disappointments before it would ignite spectacularly in 2017. In January of 2017, Ethereum was valued at just $9 per coin, but within a few months, that it had risen to $300, an increase of more than 3,300%.

Today, Ethereum’s  Ether coins are worth $684 each, while the company’s market cap is currently just over $68 billion. Ethereum is seen by most experts as the cryptocurrency that will eventually displace Bitcoin as the no.1 in the market.

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