Ethereum Trading

Ethereum is probably the most volatile digital currency on the market at the moment. Traders and investors have been attracted to the Ethereum market as an opportunity to make great returns from their inversion. It is very common for the Ethereum price to go up and down by 5 or 10 percent in a couple of hours or days. The experience of some traders gets them to buy and sell at the right time and their profit is quite good, however, trading Ethereum could be to wild for some people.

Where can I trade Ethereum?

Like every other crytocurrency, you can tradel Ethereum on an exchange through the buying or selling option; or through a CFD (Contract For Difference) on any trading platform.

The Contract For Difference is a trade option that entitles you, though a contract, to the value of the purchased Ethereum, without actually owning the digital currency. The CFD to trade Ethereum offers some advantages:

  • You don´t need to hold or store in a wallet the currency, reducing the risk to be hacked and robbed.
  • Liquidity, instead of being an Exchange where buyers and sellers trade with only the supply they got, the CFD guarantees the supply availability provided by other institutions.
  • The taxation of the profits gain by CFD trading, may have an advantage than buying and selling Ethereum directly.

These are some of the options you to buy and sell Ethereum:

  • eToro: is a social investing network which provides a CFD trading allowing the investors to trade Ethereum on the price without the need to buy and secure the digital currency. It is authorized by Financial Conduct Authority and is available for European investors.
  • Plus500: a trading platform based in the U.K. regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. Plus500 is the leader provider of CFD for many investment options and currencies, including Ethereum. Apple´s app store and Google Play users have rated Plus500 as one of the best CFD trading apps.
  • Bitstamp: set up back in 2011 by two Slovenian childhood friends, as an option to invest in bitcoin. They figure out that there was availability for exchange services for European investors. Bitstamp decided in August 2017 to add Ethereum as part of their trading options.
  • GDAX: intuitive trade interface for a variety of crytocurrencies, this is a CoinBase Exchange. The GDAX platform provides real time charts with price and supply changes, so you can make an informed trade. It also shows you the trade history.
  • Gemini: is a crytocurrency exchange that base it service in three statements: security, liquidity and trust. Gemini provides a secure, regulated and compliant platform to buy, sell or, if it is needed, store Ethereum or bitcoin. Offers to the market traders the lowest fees for liquidity making and liquidity taking with the dynamic maker-taker fee schedule.
  • Kraken: is based in San Francisco and was founded back in 2011, is known as the largest euro volume and liquidity exchange. Jesse Powel, CEO and Co-founder, states that the mission of Kraken is to provide an exceptional Bitcoin exchange experience. Users can trade Ethereum in this platform since 2016 with the classic trading pairs.

These are only some of the exchanges or sites that support Ethereum, there are some other platforms available.

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