Invest In Ethereum

Why should I invest in Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open and decentralized platform and one of the most advanced on the market, that allows users to execute smart contracts and other applications based on blockchain technology. This platform has Ether, the cryptocurrency with which any user can make payments.

With a little more than two years in circulation, Ethereum has managed to revalue itself by leaps and bounds since 2017, its price has multiplied more than 100 times, having an impressive value increase of 10000%.

Due to its rapid growth, Ethereum has become one of the strongest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization after Bitcoin. For this reason, more and more people are looking to invest in this digital currency that has great potential.

Now, we will talk about some key points explaining why you should invest in Ethereum.

Ethereum investment

By investing in Ethereum, you will automatically be investing in Ether, the virtual currency with which this platform works. The more applications and services join the Ethereum network and the popularity or demand of Ether will make its price have a significant growth in the market.

Its smart contracts open up the possibility for users to develop practically any application, an action that big companies such as Amis, ING, Microsoft, BBVA, Intel, Santander, and J.P. Morgan have done in the last years. The interest is because Ethereum is really useful in the application development environment. They are able to solve complex and demanding problems and can adapt to the corporation needs.

We need to emphasize that the blockchain technology that Ethereum uses is much more advanced than that one used by Bitcoin. This means that the platform uses a more robust work-test hash function and, if this is not enough, it’s a complete Turing system. It is necessary to highlight that this term has a lot of relevance in the computer world.

Another advantage that this cryptocurrency offers and a reason why you should invest in it is that there are other virtual currencies that are based on Ethereum. Among the hundreds of applications offered by the platform, there are some that allow the creation of other cryptocurrencies. This is due to the flexible technology that this platform has.

How easy is it to invest in Ethereum?

The speed with which Ethereum has managed to sneak into the list of almost all the brokers and exchange platforms that operate with cryptocurrencies is an indicator of the potential that this project has.

Ethereum is very easy to acquire using bitcoin or any currency through multiple payment methods. This makes the investment world significantly democratized because virtual currencies like Ether are easy to acquire and it is not necessary to have a large capital to do so.

There are 2 main ways to invest in Ethereum

Acquiring ether: This means that you must transfer ether to a wallet that is under your control. The network validates the amount of Ether each Wallet has.

Investing in ether CFDs: This is the fastest and easiest way to invest in ether. Numerous brokers allow you to invest in Ether in this way, with the advantage that it is not necessary to have a wallet to do so. Logging and execution are almost instantaneous and allows you to place stop-loss or take-profit orders.

Since it was created, the price and the volume of Ethereum has given great benefits to its investors. To finish it is good to indicate that before you start the adventure of investing in this currency, you must keep in mind about the dangers involved in Ehtereum investing.

You also have to keep in mind that the cryptocurrencies are a very volatile asset, that is to say, that their price can suffer great low or price increases. It is vital that you always have very well protected your currencies to avoid theft.

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