The Best Places To Buy Bitcoin

Real money is being replaced. Bitcoins are the future now. The latest news share with us that the bitcoin, as a currency, is growing too fast in the market.

One of the biggest issues is the lack of control and inspections that bitcoins has but, at the same time, more and more individuals, corporations and industries are taking the bitcoin as an official online money.

7 years ago, you could’ve buy a bitcoin for $ 0.20, now it would cost you more than $ 10,000. But, what exactly is bitcoin? Why it’s price is so high?

Basically, it is a type of digital money that you can use to buy and sell things in the Internet. It has some key differences between real cash. Let’s check it out!

Differences between real money and bitcoins

  • There are no coins and no bills. Bitcoin only exists online.
  • There’s no government and no inspections, and no central bank controlling the supply of bitcoin.
  • All transactions are stored in a system that keeps a record of your bitcoin.
  • The bitcoin will replace the use of real money.
  • Transactions are easier and immediate using bitcoins.
  • All you need to open a bitcoin account is real money and energy.

Even though bitcoin has become a phenomena, lots of people ask where can they buy bitcoins and how much does it cost. In this blog entry we share with you four of the best places online to buy bitcoin.

Where can I buy bitcoins?

There is a long list of places where you can buy bitcoins. Remember that you can get any fraction of a bitcoin if you got the money for that.

BTCDirect is one of the most popular websites where people buy bitcoins. The price is around $ 14,000 per bitcoin.

Anycoin Direct is another popular place where you can buy and sell bitcoins. Once you are logged, you can start to buy and sell. is the perfect place to buy bitcoins from people who lives in Europe. You can find bitcoins at lower price, but be aware. Don’t forget to confirm the security of the site occasionally during your purchase.

Finally, another amazing place to buy bitcoins is You will find a huge offer of bitcoins, to buy and to sell.

It is important to determine the quantity and quality of the bitcoins you’re buying. Try to keep it safe by buying from known places.

The price

You can buy a bitcoin starting with $ 9,500. That’s the price if you can find a good site and a good seller. But if you explore more, you can find a bitcoin in the range from $ 7,500 – $ 17,000.

This is a safe investment and a nice way to save some money for the future. Don’t forget to share this blog post to everybody who wants to know where to buy bitcoins.

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