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Teenagers are the future of the world, no doubt about it, is a law of life, but the way young adults are taking over the world is overwhelming. Millenials understand the power of decisions, and the right every person has to decide where, how, when and for how much they will buy any product; and now they are able to choose the type of currency for their transactions.

The bitcoin tendency grows by the day, a lot of people are investing considerable amount of money on cryptocurrencies, even, when the price and liquidness have no balance.The bitcoin price keeps over the roof because people are sure its price will keep increasing.

The bitcoin stocks aren’t straight transactions on the cryptocurrency, and maybe that’s what makes them attractive. If bitcoin “drops the ball” there will be a lot of confusion and financial bleeding, but not in companies that are diversified. Acquiring companies stocks in a bitcoin transaction is a worthy risk, especially since there are some companies that are almost at no risk.

Bitcoin Stocks: NVIDIA Coporation

Nvidia Corporation is a stock you´ll love to own. The shares are up, revenue is growing and the company is on track for over $8 billion in revenue for 2017, able to take 25% of that revenue to the net income line. It is a company worth to invest on.

High-performance graphics processors, designed by Nvidia first for video games, turn out to be awesome for the heavy duty work of locating those decryption keys that represent crypto-coins. There are some concerned persons within the company that feel the cryptocoin boom is already priced into the stock, but that is not the only reason to own it.

Nvidia is the company with the fastest-growing niches in the chip market, but they are also always innovating and getting into new markets to maintain the leadership in the market. It doesn´t matter if you’re looking at gaming, cloud, self-driving cars or IoT, you’re looking at NVDA chips.

The stock might seem over priced, but you are making a futuristic transaction, to a technology company with a cryptocurrency. The price will be worth full.

Bitcoin Stock: AMD

As always AMD stands as a value chip maker. Its Ryzen chips can compete with Intel on value, delivering competitive performance for a lower investment. Its Radeon graphics processors compete with NVDA on the same terms.

At the time, Advanced Micro Devices shares are enjoying cryptocurrency, cloud and gaming, but being worried is not against the law. The stock may be getting ahead of itself. AMD might not have the structure needed to survive the long term fights in the market. However, with a smart strategy it can be a company worth to invest and make some bitcoins out of it.

Bitcoin Stock: Bitcoin Investment Trust

The Bitcoin Investment Trust is an effort to gain access to digital currency investment for small investors. Some investors don´t believe in the GBTC, but it has been able to become the first publicly traded bitcoin fund.

When Bitcoin Investment Trust started a bitcoin cost $100, right now the price has changed so much. The lack of regulations and independency of the crytocurrency still makes GBTC the best bet you have for making money on the future of bitcoin.

Bitcoin Stock: Microsoft Corporation

All cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain, a general ledger database in which each block has encrypted data. An open source with no system owner or referee, decentralizing trusts, a new argument that aligns with Microsoft ideas from the last decade

Microsort definitely qualifies as a low risk bitcoin investment. The gigant of software applications is now building a service on its Azure cloud with Blockchain. Developing, then selling is the Microsoft philosophy; getting ahead of everyone else understanding that blockchain is a cloud application, but it can be user for so more than that, at the time Bitcoin is a consequence of the blockchain, the must popular at the moment.

The decision to invest in a cryptocurrency or bitcoin stolk needs to be done with all facts available. As always the recommendation is to investigate more about bitcoins and the transactions to avoid losing money.

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