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AI & The Blockchain: Can Cortex Create A Self-Learning Platform?

Cortex (CTXC) claim they will completely redefine the world of cryptocurrency by introducing AI to blockchain technology. Once they have become an Artificial Intelligence-blockchain system, Cortex’s main objective will then be to incorporate AI technology into smart contracts.

Cortex is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) blockchain platform that allows AI algorithms to be linked to smart contracts. It may sound like something out of a Steven Spielberg sci-fi movie (Minority Report, AI), but the long-term goal of Cortex is to create a self-learning, intelligent platform that offers unlimited opportunities for both developers and users.

Who Are Cortex?

Launched in February 2018, Cortex is an open-source blockchain platform with versatile capabilities. The company aims to bring Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the blockchain, in essence bring scientists and developers together. The main mission of Cortex is to provide state-of-the-art blockchain machine learning models that users can rely on using the Cortex Blockchain’s Smart Contracts.

Cortex has its headquartered in Singapore, and its team is made up of US educated Chinese nationals like Ziqi Chen, the Cortex CEO, and his right-hand man and company CTO  Weiyang Wang. The Cortex coin price stands at $1.20, while the company’s current market cap is $180,282,713. Cortex’s current crypto valuation ranking is 73, although with its AI angle grabbing attention, expect a rapid rise any time soon.


The Cortex coin is the CTXC; there is a protocol for almost 300 million coins, of which almost half are already in circulation. Developers are paid in CTXC whenever users use the published models. Users also have the opportunity to post tasks that can then be solved by the developers and incorporated into new AI applications. The more applications are set, the denser the network becomes, and in time, a human-like decision-making structure is to be recreated and replicated, eventually creating an Artificial Intelligence.

AI – The Crypto Future

Cortex state that the difference between themselves and ordinary smart contracts is that intelligent contracts may involve inference instructions, and then all nodes need to agree on the result of this inferred result.

Cortex provide a submission interface for training off-chain, including the instruction-interpreting virtual machine for models. This will setup a bridge between computing power providers and algorithm providers for trading and collaboration.

The bottom line is while AI and the blockchain would seem to be at opposite ends of the technology spectrum, if Cortex have indeed figured a way of merging the  two, they may soon become as groundbreaking and indispensable as Ripple.

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