Cryptocurrency News ICO Raises $4 billion Ahead Of EOS Blockchain Launch This Weekend

Eos, already the world’s 5th most valuable cryptocurrency, will have its official software launch this weekend. On Thursday (May 31) parent company raised a crypto world record $4 billion for its IPO.

It may seem strange that the world’s fifth ranked cryptocurrency doesn’t actually have a blockchain, but all that is about to change when EOS launches its official software this weekend. The buzz surrounding this event is huge, and it comes hot on the heels of a $4 billion IPO held by parent company on Thursday. That’s  twice as much as the previous record for a blockchain-based startup. Raise $4 Billion

On Thursday, Caymans-based startup company raised $4 billion, surpassing the world’s biggest IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) on stock exchanges this year. It was also the biggest ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of the year, more than double that of its nearest rival.

Top 10 ICOs & IPOs Of 2018

  • one — $4 Billion
  • Telegram Open Network — $1.7 billion
  • Dragon Coin — $320 million
  • Huobi — $300 million
  • HDac — $258 million
  • Filecoin — $257 million
  • Tezos — $232 million
  • Sirin Labs — $157.9 million
  • Bancor — $152 million
  • Bankera — $150.9 million
  • Polkadot — $142.4 million


EOS ICO This Weekend

Of course, the main reason that has attracted such a windfall is its flagship product, the cryptocurrency EOS. While the buzz surrounding EOS has been so strong since its January launch, it has, until now been existing without its own blockchain. All that will change this weekend with the EOS Initial Coin Offering.

For a long time, the discussions surrounding EOS have been diverse and often contradictory. Hailed by many as the genuine eventual successor to Bitcoin, EOS has often been a target for cynics because of its vision and execution. On the flipside, it has also attracted fiercely loyal advocates, aware that EOS offers a desensitized decentralized alternative to the cloud hosting services which dominate the data storage market.

Public trading for EOS is already well underway, and there is expected to be huge interest for this product. There will be intense focus on the crypto-markets, especially in the wake of the expected post-Consensus Conference Bitcoin and alt-coin boom that never was.

The cryptocurrency world needs a shot in the arm, and hopefully this weekend, EOS will deliver.

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