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CryptoKitties Creator Sued for Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets

The company behind the phenomenally successful Ethereum DApp CryptoKitties, is to be sued for allegedly violating a non-disclosure agreement.  Axiom Zen was today targeted with a lawsuit that also accuses them of stealing trade secrets.

Although Axiom Zen have only just been served notice, the lawsuit was actually filed last week. The lawsuit – filed at the US District Court for the Southern District of California –has been brought about by Starcoin – also known as Tradestar – a San Diego-based company. The lawsuit alleges that Axiom Zen stole Tradestar’s idea of producing a digital collectible, based on   the likeness of NBA star Steph Curry.

In March, CryptoKitties announced  its “CurryKitties” promotion, which featured three digital cats based upon the likeness of Steph Curry, who was also involved in the project. CurryKitties was scheduled to go the market later this month and expected to do big business, but yesterday the project was quietly and mysteriously suspended. It now appears that the ensuing lawsuit might have had something to do with the sudden suspension.

CryptoKitties Allegedly Stole Trade Secrets

Tradestar claims that in February of this year, they and Axiom Zen discussed confidential trade secrets during a series of email communications.  These communications were allegedly protected by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), a copy of which was included in the court documents. On its website, Tradestar claims it provides customers with “exclusive content from…musicians, athletes, and creators.”

In the lawsuit, Tradestar claim that after CryptoKitties stole its trade secrets and its Steph Curry likeness-based digital collectible idea, investors who had been keen on investing in Starcoin suddenly switched to Axiom Zen. An extract from the lawsuit reads:

“In fact, since Axiom received Starcoin’s confidential information, two investors who had previously expressed interest in Starcoin — such as CAA Ventures and Digital Currency Group — have now passed on investing opportunities offered by Starcoin, and instead they have both funded Axiom.”

As of this moment, neither CryptoKitties nor Axiom Zen have responded to Tradestar’s allegations.

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