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CryptoKitties Donate $25K From “Honu Kitty” Collectible Auction To Ocean Preservation Fund

CryptoKitties, the world’s biggest blockchain game, has collaborated with two major marine conservation organizations to come up with a rare and unique cat named “Honu Kitty” (pictured), the first environmental-friendly collectible, and one that also draws attention towards the protection of endangered sea turtles.

This month the hugely popular CryptoKitties have joined forces with Ocean Elders and ACTAI Global and raised a lot of money for a very good cause – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Operation Jairo and Unite BVI Foundation’s Saving The Turtles Project.

$25,000 Raised By Honu Kitty Auction

ACTAI Global & Ocean Elders are two distinguished organizations, both consisting of global leaders, athletes and technologists, and both focused on preserving the environment. This month they joined forces with CryptoKitties and created an auction for cryptocurrency users.

The auction began on July 9 and ended nine days later, after a total of 18 bids were placed. The winner payed $25,000 for the one-of-a-kind collectible, and those funds plus other monies raised will be donated to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Operation Jairo and Unite BVI Foundation’s Saving The Turtles Project.

More Of CryptoKitties’ Charitable Acts

This is just the latest charitable act courtesy of the CryptoKitties. In May of this year, head of art Guile Gaspar, the genius who designed the ‘Kitties created a special Celestial Cyber Dimension Kitty, which was auctioned for $140,000, the funds going to a foundation that supports the art industry. Another campaign entitled “Kitties For A Cause (K4C)” resulted in 370 CryptoKitties being sold, which raised $15,000 for a children’s hospital in Seattle.

Even though 2018 has been something of a financial struggle for many cryptos, it hasn’t prevented them from delivering charitable acts for good causes. The Pineapple Fund remains the most famous yet mysterious crypto-based philanthropic project. Created in December 2017 by an anonymous “Redditor” named Pine, the Pineapple Fund received almost 100,000 applications for charity, and subsequently donated 5,104 in BTC (Bitcoin coins), worth an estimated $34 million to 60 different charities, ranging from chronic complex disease research foundations to clean water projects.

Who could forget the moment when Ashton Kutcher gate-crashed Ellen DeGeneres’s TV show to tell her that the Ripple Company had donated $4 million in XRP to her Wildlife Fund to save the Rwandan mountain gorillas? Ripple also donated a whopping $29 million toward 35,000 classroom-based projects via an educational funding website named DonorsChoose.

In June of this year Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong launched a charity platform named GiveCrypto, which thus far has received donations from Ripple Executive Chairman Chris Larsen, Zcash Company CEO Zooko Wilcox, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, and CEO Roger Ver. Armstrong plans to distribute these large sums of cryptocurrency to people in need all over the world.


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