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CryptoKitties Suspends Its ‘CurryKitties’ Promotion

Axiom Zen, creators of the Ethereum-based game CryptoKitties has – with as little fuss possible – suspended its “CurryKitties” promotion, which had allowed the purchase of limited edition digital cats modeled to look like Steph Curry, illustrious point guard for the NBA team Golden State Warriors.

The game CryptoKitties has proved a winner – it’s fun, the cats are adorable and each in unique to their owner, and it’s a clever bit of cryptocurrency marketing. You can even breed them and create an even more unique CryptoKittie offspring.

The natural progression was to have CryptoKitties in the mold of famous pop stars, TV stars, even sports stars. Steph Curry is about as famous as the come for US based sports stars, plus he’s a tech fan with his own emoji company.


Back in March, Steph Curry became the first ever celebrity to have their own banded CryptoKitty, designed to show a likeness to the NBA star. Caty Tedman, head of partnerships for the startup behind CryptoKitties – Axiom Zen – said at the time:

“We are launching a series of Steph Curry CryptoKitties, so there will be three exclusive Steph Curry CryptoKitties [which] will be representative of his personalities. The first will be sold by him, and it’ll be up to him whether he wants to sell the other two.”

CryptoKitties launched the CurryKitties promotion in early May, in partnership with Moji. Moji is an emoji app development company which is owned by Steph Curry.

Three CurryKitties modeled after Steph Curry’s likeness were subsequently released, and he had planned to auction them directly from his personal wallet. The digital cats were expected to sell for prices in the six-figure range, something not seen since the height of CryptoKitty mania last  December.

CurryKitties Now Taking A Cat Nap

However, there is clearly trouble in crypto-pussy paradise. Earlier today it became clear that CryptoKitties has quietly suspended its “CurryKitties” promotion. As of yet, it’s not 100% clear why the promotion was removed, but instead of the CurryKitties web page there is now a message which explains that the campaign has been suspended indefinitely,  because contrary to CryptoKitties’ original understanding, Steph Curry was not an active partner in the CurryKitties project.

Here’s what it says:

“The CurryKitties are taking a cat nap,”

“We have reason to believe Steph wasn’t as involved in the CurryKitties as we thought. Until we’re sure he’s an active participant, we’re suspending the campaign.”

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