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HTC Announce World’s First Blockchain Based Smartphone

Taiwanese tech giants HTC have announced the Exodus, the world’s first blockchain-based smartphone. The android device will feature a universal wallet and a built-in secure hardware enclave to support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash and Ripple, plus decentralized applications.

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC will present their latest major release on May 23. It’s called the Exodus, and it will be the world’s first smartphone that features blockchain technology and support. The Exodus will no-doubt be going head-to-head with the latest high-end offerings from rivals such as Samsung, iPhone and Huawei, but there is no doubting that the blockchain angle is something completely different, and could be a major selling point.

HTC have brought top designer Phil Chen onto the Exodus project, a true legend of the mobile device industry, and the  creator of the Vive, quite possibly the most immersive VR headset on the market today. In addition to being behind Exodus’ design and function, Chen will be also responsible for all blockchain and cryptocurrency related initiatives. HTC plan to create their own unique blockchain network, with all Exodus smartphones acting as nodes. This will enable fast and easy cryptocurrency trading among Exodus owners, and allow for super-fast money transfers.

All of this adds up to an exciting time for HTC. As Phil Chen himself said:

“With Exodus, we are pleased to support the underlying protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more. We want to support the entire Blockchain ecosystem and will announce many more exciting partnerships over the next few months.”

HTC Exodus Dubbed “The Switzerland of Protocols”

HTC state that the Exodus will have a universal wallet (pictured above) with an integrated, secure hardware enclave on board to provide support for cryptocurrency and distributed applications. Currently, the purchase of a god quality but economical cryptocurrency wallet will cost an additional $75-100.

The Exodus supports a multitude of protocols and will act like a mediator between blockchains. Because of this, the Exodus has been dubbed “The Switzerland of Protocols.” The use of D-Apps (Decentralized Applications) will be supported to grow the D-App community in the mobile sector.

HTC Hoping For A Big Hit With The Exodus

HTC were, until recently, one of the brand leaders in the smartphone industry. HTC were the company that created the very first smartphone, built the first Google Nexus handset, and were behind the manufacture of the first ever Facebook phone. HTC built the first dual lens camera, and were at the forefront of the 4G revolution. HTC phones were considered on a par with anything that America, Japan or South Korea had to offer.

However, in the advent of a smartphone era increasingly dominated by Apple and Samsung, and which has seen such former heavyweights of the mobile phone industry like Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Sony and LG forced to tighten their belts, HTC had seemingly become just one more name that had fallen by the wayside.

The Exodus might well be the final throw of the dice for HTC, before the much rumored takeover by Google happens. However, whenever a phone appears on the market that has something the others don’t have, it usually adds up to big sales, so HTC will be hopefully that the Exodus leads to a comeback.

HTC has not yet given any details on the price, but the company is considering accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for the phone. HTC might be the first company to put a blockchain-powered smartphone on the market, but they may soon have company; Foxconn and Sirin Labs have partnered to produce the upcoming  “Finney”, which will also be a blockchain based smartphone.

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