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Ireland Can Become The “Tech Capital Of Europe” Says Taoiseach

Ireland’s PM equivalent, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, announced at MoneyConf in Dublin on Wednesday his intentions of turning the Republic into the Tech Capital of Europe, targeting the blockchain as a particular focal point.

On Wednesday morning, Ireland’s Taoiseach (Ireland’s prime minister, chief executive and head of government) Leo Varadkar took to the stage and addressed the 5,000 strong audience at the MoneyConf in Dublin, announcing his intentions of making his nation the Tech Capital  of Europe.

Dublin MoneyConf 2018

Here’s a snippet of what Mr. Varadkar had to say at MoneyConf:

“I think there’s no better place to discuss issues like cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI, regulation, and future FinTech than here in Ireland.”

“Ireland is in some ways emblematic of the revolutionary changes that have taken place in the world of finance and technology. From being an inward-looking, insular place at the edge of Europe, Ireland is an increasingly multicultural, globalized a melting pot of nationalities which is proud to engage with the world.”

Ireland is already well established as a thriving tech hub, and Dublin is home to many major FinTech and financial institutions such as Stripe, Mastercard, JPMorgan and Bank of China, as well as EBay, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. The Taoiseach showed just how serious he is about taking Ireland to the next level in terms of attracting and catering for the world’s top tech talent when he announced that the Irish government would be opening 26 new Irish embassies and consulates around the world, raising the country’s foreign profile and increasing Ireland’s global footprint.

Mr. Varadkar also stated that the budget for Ireland’s state-run IDA (Industrial Development Authority) would benefit from a steady budget increase over the coming years, enabling the IDA to support tech innovation and attract top tech talent from around the world.

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