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Jobs In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology On The Increase

As well as making some people very rich and a lot of people very excited, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is growing at such a fast rate it is generating a whole range of jobs. From the most talented software programmers and designers, to electricians with knowledge of installing and maintaining mining equipment, these vacancies need workers with the right skill sets to fill them, and the demand is getting bigger.

Last month, crypto and blockchain news site CoinDesk became the first to advertise its “Career Center”, where companies and individuals within the crypto industry can advertise positions that need filling, or promote themselves for employment. It is a smart move by CoinDesk, and it won’t be long before other sites follow suite, and online crypto employment agencies establish themselves.

The Blockchain Industry Is Booming

The simple reason for the increase in demand for skilled crypto-savvy workers is because the blockchain industry is booming, and it’s only going to get bigger. More and more people are learning the skills needed to make a living within the cryptocurrency workplace, so much so that online freelance employment portal Upwork recently announced a 6,000% increase in individuals advertising their “blockchain skills”. In fact, on a list of the Top-20 of the fastest-growing or “hottest” (as in most in-demand” skills), knowledge of the blockchain was ranked no.1.

Chicago-based online placement giants Challenger, Gray and Christmas commented on the huge amount of jobs suddenly available at blockchain startups across the US.

“There’s an explosion of activity around cryptocurrencies because of that extremely volatile, but extremely exciting, nature of bitcoin. There’s a lot of millionaires made overnight and drawn a lot of people in. There’s sort of a gold rush mentality.”

Said Andy Challenger, Challenger, Gray and Christmas’ vice president.


“Right Now It’s Like The Wild West”

In 2017, cryptocurrency captured the world’s attention with the sudden huge demand from investors that drove the market to unprecedented heights. Ethereum climbed more than 3,300% in value, Bitcoin went from $900 in January to $19,900 in November, and the combined market cap for the digital currency industry rose to just short of a trillion dollars.

Sure, prices dropped somewhat in the first quarter of 2018, but all major cryptos have maintained a far higher value than they had in early 2017, and many will shatter the highs they achieved last year before 2018 is over. Blockchain-based business is gaining a stronger foothold into US – and to a lesser extent global business, and once it is ingrained there, it will prove to be both immovable and indespencible.

According to Oppenheimer analyst Shaul Eyal, the size of the blockchain industry could grow into the tens of billions. In a recent interview with CNBC, Eyal said:

“As the technology matures, we think those blockchain engineers will see absolutely high demand. Right now it’s a little bit of a wild, Wild West with many entrepreneurs trying to jockey for position.”

Crypto Experience Looks Great On A CV

Another factor to consider is that the experience gained from working for a cryptocurrency could go a long way to earning a skilled operator a key position in a major corporation down the road. Working for a crypto start-up and gaining on-the-floor experience in blockchain technology, and learning the skills that come with that can only serve an individual well. Whether they choose to stay in cryptocurrency or switch to a more traditional field, they will have added another string to that proverbial bow.

Even electricians who learn how to be blockchain technicians and install and maintain cryptocurrency mining equipment will have learned a skill that will be increasingly in demand and highly lucrative in the months and years to come. It won’t be long before there are local companies who deal exclusively in crypt-mining machinery, and are earn the kind of big money plumbers have been making for years!

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