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L.A. Dodgers Announce New Cryptocurrency Based Fan Project

Regardless of the fact that the price of Ethereum has been declining over the last few days, it has had a very positive development over the weekend. The L.A. Dodgers are a National League team for Major League Baseball in the US, and have recently announced their imminent plans to hold a token giveaway that uses the ERC-20 platform, a platform established by Ethereum.

The Dodger token could even regarded as a type of digital currency but is used more in the form of a crypto based athlete collectable.

According the press release, this strategy is set to begin on the 21st September. They plan to brand the new update as a ‘digital bobblehead’ night, referring to the collectable nature of the token. Users can download their favourite players in token form, a first of its kind not only in baseball, but also the first Crypto giveaway in the sporting industry.

The first 4000 fans to the event will receive a code that will enable them to unlock a virtual bobblehead via the Ethereum wallet. The company have not yet provided more details on how they plan to go ahead with the promotion in the long run, but the chief marketing officer has claimed that he sees the cryptocurrency industry as a potential innovation for sporting fans.

Although this is the first time that the cryptocurrency industry has been used for collectable sporting memorabilia, it is not the first time that it has been used in the sporting industry as a whole. In June, the Scaramento Kings basketball team partnered with the company of MiningStore, a crypto mining hardware store. The project here was to install Ethereum mining machines directly in the stadium in order to raise money for technology education programs and various other causes.

Yesterday, Ethereum fell below the value of $200 for the first time in a year, which although is a worrying sign, has not seemed to put the L.A. Dodgers off yet.

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