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Meet Ben Delo: The BitMex Co-Founder Is Now Britain’s Youngest Billionaire

Ben Delo is the co-founder of the world’s no.1 ranked crypto exchange site BitMex, and as a result, this week he officially became the youngest billionaire in the UK, and the first Brit to make a billion from the blockchain industry.

34-year old Brit Ben Delo is that rarity in success stories – he’s the guy who pulls off the “Double Whammy” of two ground-breaking achievements at the same time. In Delo’s case, not content with becoming Britain’s youngest billionaire, in doing so he also became his country’s first ever blockchain-billionaire.

Delo’s vast wealth is the result of the runaway success of BitMex, the digital currency exchange platform he co-founded which is currently the most popular in the world, generating $1 billion more in daily transactions than its nearest rivals.

About Ben Delo

According to his classmates at Oxford, Ben Delo was always destined for fame of some sort; they voted him the student “Most Likely To Become A Millionaire” — although he also placed second in the “Most Likely To End Up In Prison” poll. Thus far, Delo – center in the above picture – has surpassed the first prediction by 1000%, and as of yet hasn’t fallen fowl of the second prediction.

Delo is the first ever Briton to be earn a billion dollars from the field of cryptocurrency, a fledgling industry that is not yet a decade old.  While Delo is the first, he is unlikely to be the last, as the digital currency market – led by the globally known Bitcoin – has already made plenty of people rich, and is only going to get bigger in the coming years.

Oxford Graduate

A then 21-year old Delo graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters and First Class Honors in Mathematics and Computer Science, finishing top of his class. In the ensuing decade, Ben would carve out a first class reputation as a tech project developed “par excellence”

With a range of skill and expertise that makes him one of the best in the business when it comes to the design, architecture and implementation of quantitative infrastructure, systems and tools, Delo was happy developing high-frequency trading systems for blue-chip companies such as IBM, and the Hong Kong branch of JP Morgan.

It was in Hong Kong that Delo would meet the local girl who has since become his wife, Pan Pan Wong (to his right in the above pic). Delo was now on a personal and professional crusade,  and it culminated in 2014 when he formed a partnership with friends Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reed, and the three founded BitMex.

About BitMex

In true entrepreneurial “rags to riches” fashion, Delo worked long hours and made plenty of sacrifices in the four years leading up to his company’s success. He and his wife lived in rooms rented from Airbnb and lived off McDonalds in those early years. In his own words, Delo says:

“I have had my nose down in a start-up for the past four years. I was doing 18-hour days at one point.”

However, Delo, his wife, and his partners Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reed never stopped believing in BitMex; by 2015 it began to establish itself as an exchange platform that offered customers a high leverage of cryptocurrency contracts.

This approach has clearly worked, and right now, BitMex is the no.1 digital money exchange platform in the world. BitMex has an average 24-hour trading volume of $2.4 billion, which is a billion dollars more than nearest rivals CoinEx ($1.4 billion) and $1.2 billion clear of Binance ($1.2 billion).

The test for Ben Delo and his associates in the coming months and years is to remain one step ahead of the chasing pack, and continue giving crypto customers the great service that got them to no.1 in the first place.

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