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New Weekly “Cryptomania” Radio Show/Podcast Launches

“Cryptomania – Bitcoin and Beyond” is the name of a brand new weekly radio show which focuses primarily on all things cryptocurrency-based. The show airs on local FM radio channel 104.9 on Saturday mornings in the Boston, Massachusetts, and Southern New Hampshire area.  

A new weekly cryptocurrency-based radio show has just been launched in the US; “Cryptomania – Bitcoin and Beyond” is broadcast weekly on Saturday mornings, and becomes only the second regular crypto-focused radio show, following hot on the heels of the twice-weekly FM radio broadcast “The Crypto Show”.


Cryptomania – Bitcoin and Beyond is a brand new weekly radio show that airs Saturday mornings and goes out to the  Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas. The show can be picked up at 9:30 AM on the local FM channel 104.9, and anywhere in the world via Podcasts of the shows will also be available soon.

The show’s creator is local crypto-entrepreneur Dana McIntyre. McIntyre is the founder of “New England Blockchain LLC”, a blockchain-based startup from which McIntyre operates a network of Bitcoin ATM’s located across the Northeast United States.

Not surprisingly, the host of Cryptomania is also Dana McIntyre, who along with sidekick Jameson Rust, attempts to bring a fresh, simple and humorous take on Bitcoin, the crypto market and blockchain technology. As McIntyre said:

“Our goal is to breakdown and educate the public about the ins and outs of Cryptocurrency as well to highlight how easy it is for anyone to purchase as little as $20 worth of Bitcoin or as we like to put it how to Get in the Game, the show’s catch phrase.”

The Crypto Show

Although Cryptomania bills itself as “The First Weekly FM Radio Show in the USA”, that’s not exactly true; “The Crypto Show” is a popular twice weekly radio show which has been on the air since 2014. The Crypto Show broadcasts on 89.1 FM TXLR in Austin, Texas, every Wednesday and Sunday night, and claims to have a regular audience of more than 20,000 listeners.

In its three years on the air, The Crypto Show has interviewed over 150 guests, including TV news anchor and journalist Ben Swann, online security titan John McAfee, and “Bitcoin Jesus” himself, Roger Ver.

The Crypto Show’s remit is “crypto-anarchism,” and its stated goal is:

“to inspire the smartest 1% to create open-source, distributed systems of resistance to render the state irrelevant through technology and encryption.”

Crypto Radio

Despite its name, Crypto Radio is not an actual radio show, but a weekly podcast which is available on ITunes, and dates back to 2017, with all backdated episodes available to download. If you love podcasts and have been looking for something crypto-based to listen to, Crypto Radio might be what you have been waiting for. Here’s what they say about their show:

“Crypto Radio is a podcast about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investing. We interview the top thinkers and entrepreneurs in the industry, and cover topics like Bitcoin and Ethereum, news, technology developments, investing, trading, and ICOs.”

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