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Online Gallery “Lynx Art” Sees 427% Sales Rise Upon Acceptance Of Crypto Payments

Established in 2015, Lynx Art is an online art gallery which offers works ranging from cinematic art to paintings inspired by science fiction. While business was steady, in a bid to raise revenue, for the first time ever, Lynx Art allowed customers the right to pay for pieces using Bitcoin. For what happened next, read on!

There can be few places online that offer such a wide selection of cool, classy, striking, even disturbing artistic imagery than Lynx Art Collection. what’s more, all of the pieces on display are unique to Lynx Art.

Who Are Lynx Art?

Lynx Art began life as an idea that grew form a conversation that went something like:

“wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform where people could search for and purchase “conversation pieces”, i.e., works of art that were so striking and intriguing, having them in one’s house would be guaranteed to break the ice at even the dullest party?”

Lynx Art co-founders Nicole and Frank began their business when they created their own poster design in 2012. The poster was so successful it went viral, and as a result, Nicole and Frank were able to rapidly expand Lynx Art, offering new designs, developing partnerships with new artists, and investigating new marketplaces.

By 2018, Lynx Art Collection were in a position to employ a minimum of ten artists who collaborate exclusively with Frank and Nicole, bringing their artistic visions to fruition, and creating intriguing pieces designed to grab attention and start a conversation.

Lynx Art Collection now have multiple investors, sponsors and partners, including,, the Discovery Channel, Touch of Modern, and many other famous names.

“We Accept Bitcoin”

While business at Lynx Art was steady, three months ago Nicole and Frank decided to allow customers the ability to purchase art from the site using cryptocurrency – Bitcoin in particular. Fast forward three months, and the crypto effect has been nothing short of spectacular. Sales are up by 427% as this tweet states:

On Reddit Frank and Nicole posted this message:

“I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank this community. We started the business in 2012, but we did not start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment until the beginning of 2018.”

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