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Santander and its revolutionary app

This is fresh news! Santander will provide a revolutionary app for the economy. And is that the internationally recognized banking group will launch an application that will allow payments to be made internationally with only having your cell phone at hand.

This new application comes to light after the strongest months in which Bitcoin managed to be crowned as a phenomenon unparalleled in the history of humanity and the economy as we know it. Santander did not want to be left behind and has taken advantage of this conjunctural moment to present its new application, which is available, for the moment, only in the United Kingdom.

What is the most interesting part of this? The Santander application will be using Ripple’s XCurrent technology. A Santander spokesperson said the company plans to launch the app in the next few months, and that it will use Ripple’s xCurrent in the project.

Ripple’s xCurrent product does not use XRP, the company’s native cryptocurrency. Ripple chief executive Brad Garlinghouse announced the move to his followers on Twitter, noting that the app will be released this quarter.

As we see things in this 2018, it is evident that many financial companies will begin to implement their own cryptocurrency technology to facilitate international transactions. Basically, what we can find or conclude after all the feeling that Bitcoin has left us, is that we have the need, as a society, to give value to things, in this case, to cryptocurrencies. This is how new eras are born in the economy.

Santander explains that this decision to have an app that works in this way is to set a precedent in the history of cryptoeconomics. However, some people critical of the issue, do not support Santander claiming that they seek to “start a centralization of the Internet in the same economic powers that have made decisions for civilization.” Now, what do you think of the financial industry going hand in hand with technology?

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