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Ukrainian Crypto Nuts Plan To Swap Lenin Statue For One Of Bitcoin Founder Satoshi

In one of the most out-there news stories in the brief history of the blockchain, Ukrainian cryptocurrency fanatics plan on replacing a 70-year old statue of Lenin, with an imagined likeness of the largely mythical figure Satoshi Nakamoto in the country’s capital Kiev.

A news story emerged from Eastern Europe today (June 20) of some hardcore cryptocurrency fans in the Ukraine, who plan to honor the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin by putting up a statue  of its creator, the mythical  Satoshi Nakamoto, in Kiev. The spot the group have chosen for the monument is Shevchenko Boulevard, where previously a statue of Vladimir Lenin — the father of the Soviet Union — stood for almost 70 years from 1946 until pulled down in 2014 during the Ukrainian Revolution.

Swapping Lenin And Communism For Satoshi And The Blockchain

The idea for the exchange comes from a group who call themselves the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic. First-off, the team plan to erect a virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto which will appear invisible, but can be viewed through an app downloaded onto a mobile device and then pointed in the direction of a plinth positioned where the statue is meant to stand. The mobile application will be created by digital fact business Raccoon Environment.

Following the virtual monument, the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic will then petition the Kiev City State Administration department before launching a fundraising campaign, with the intention of erecting a permanent statue. In the event that the city’s admin department declines to allow the statue to be placed at the preferred site, another location will be chosen.

Bitcoin Is The Future, Lenin Is The Past

Andriy Moroz, a co-founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic said that Nakamoto and Bitcoin represents the future, while Lenin symbolizes the past. Here’s what he said:

“The monument to Lenin was a symbol of last centuries that had already passed, leaving conflicting feelings in the hearts of people. Satoshi and the decentralization of society are a new era and new opportunities.”

The group also harbors an ambitious and audacious plan to purchase an island where they can create the very first “Satoshi Nakamoto City”. On this island they will start the first “virtual decentralized blockchain-republic.”

The Satoshi Nakamoto Republic want people from countries around the world to get involved, and say that any city can bid to host a Nakamoto statue. The winners will be the cities which collect the largest amounts of money. Cities already in the running include Beijing, Dubai, New York, and Tokyo. The biggest statue of Nakamoto will, however, be reserved for Satoshi Nakamoto City, if and when it happens.

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