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Up To A Billion Watch Hyundai Blockchain Commercial Via The 2018 FIFA World Cup

At this year’s FIFA World Cup competition hosted in Russia, an estimated TV and live-streaming audience of a billion people watched the biggest games, featuring Brazil, Germany, Argentina, England and Spain. Grabbing a slice of that colossal audience were Hyundai and their groundbreaking Digital Assets Cryptocurrency (HDAC) TV commercial.

During this year’s FIFA World Cup held in Russia, Hyundai paid the necessary fees to have their latest TV commercial inserted into advertising breaks. However, this time their advert wasn’t for their latest jeep or family saloon, it was for blockchain technology.

Hyundai Digital Assets Cryptocurrency (HDAC) is the newly formed blockchain and cryptocurrency wing of the noted South Korean car manufacturer. The well-made, entertaining 35-second ad perfectly illustrates how blockchain technology can cut costs for an average family living in a “smart-home.” Once the family leave their home on a morning, amenities such as the fridge and the heating system come to life and begin communicating with each other in a Disneyesque illustration of what is known as the “Internet of Things.”

Briefly explaining the ad, HDAC stated:

This technology can be applied to various industries such as smart factories, smart homes, smart buildings, etc., and can realize communication between IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Machine-to-machine transactions build a platform for reasonable consumption.”

While the advert barely raised a collective eyebrow among the mainly football-focused audience, who mainly use ad breaks to grab another beer, make a coffee, or take a toilet trip, the sheer audacity of it has stunned the crypto world. No other crypto company has even attempted to place an ad directly into such a global market as a World Cup game, and the results are amazing.

Global Audience Could Be Billions

Considering the global popularity of the World Cup, there is a firm belief among ratings experts that key games in Russia, such as those teams featuring box-office stars like Brazil (Neymar), Argentina (Messi) and Portugal (Ronaldo) plus of course the semifinals and final, will be watched by an audience of a billion people, at least.

Football, or soccer as it is also known as, is the most popular sport in the world, and one of the very few that is played in every country. Even in nations that have historically had other sports as their no.1, such as France and rugby, Sweden and ice hockey, India and cricket and the US with its own Big Four of the NFL, the NBA, MLB and the NHL, football is rapidly gaining in popularity.

As a result, the FIFA World Cup is the most-watched sporting competition of all. Almost every country in the world will be carrying games on TV, and the amount of live streaming options available online – both legal and illegal – are incalculable. While some might balk at the very idea of a billion-strong audience, Sunday’s final between France and Croatia could feasibly be watched by an even greater number than that.

Hyundai & The Blockchain?

The fact that Hyundai had not just “dipped their toe” into the crypto waters, but plunged in head-first and fully clothed had largely gone under the radar, even among dedicated blockchain watchers. Few knew that the South Korean motor corporation were even interested in blockchain technology, let alone willing to set up their own company, complete with cryptocurrency.

However, it is now clear that what Hyundai have created is very special indeed. HDAC is designed specifically to interact with the IoT, and is particularly revolutionary in that the platform is Hyundai’s very own multichain-based blockchain that can bridge to other blockchains such as those of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash to facilitate payments.

Hyundai intend to continue to screen their advert throughout the rest of 2018, which is actually great news for the crypto market in general. Thanks to HDAC, an industry formerly linked with the “dark web” will soon have as its face a cozy home with a talking fridge!

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