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Verge Announces Partnership With Pornhub

Three weeks ago, Verge founder Justin Vendetta promised to unveil the “largest partnership the crypto-world has ever seen” and technically at least, he has kept his word. Verge’s partnership with online porn giant Pornhub – the no.1 website in its field – links Verge to a potential user base that numbers hundreds of millions of visitors worldwide per month.

Last month, Justin Vendetta, lead developer and co-founder of Verge cryptocurrency announced a “massive partnership” between his and another major web-based company. The announcement saw a major spike in Verge’s valuation, but the longer it took for the merger to be officially announced, the greater the doubt that it would actually happen.

Cryptocurrencies teaming up with online gaming, poker and sports betting websites is nothing new, and if anything, those industries have been among the first to accept cyber money as a legitimate source of payment. Now Verge has gone a step further and teamed up with world-famous porn website Pornhub, a merger which has already earned the tagline “The Future Has Cum!”

All jokes aside, from a business point of view, it is indeed a massive partnership, and it will expose (all puns intended) Verge Coin to a potential market of multi-millions.

Who Are Verge?

Verge Coin (XVG) is a cryptocurrency which is decentralized and blockchain based. It is considered to be extremely secure, anonymous and focused on data security – ideal for this deal with Pornhub. Verge’s developers – headed by Justin Vendetta (who incidentally sounds like someone who might be found working on Pornhub) are committed to fine-tuning blockchain technology to fit their purpose by using networks that make the entire system more secure. Verge is currently the 22nd most valuable cryptocurrency on the market, but this arrangement with Pornhub should see it climb into the top-15.

The current market capital of Verge is $1.287 billion. Verge Coins are worth $0.0865, and 1.4 billion dollars’ worth of Verge coins are bought and sold daily.

Verge was originally developed in 2014 under the name DogecoinDark. They re-launched in 2016 under the name Verge. Decentralization played an important role for Verge’s developers right from the start. Verge has a coin limit of around 16.5 billion coins, of which 9 billion were released in the first year (2014) and a further billion have been released since then.

As stated earlier, Verge is all about maximizing its users privacy, and developers have chosen the  “TOR” and “I2P” networks to ensure this is the case. In this way, the Verge Coin rates higher than several other, less secure cryptos such as Bitcoin in this area of ​​data protection. Above all, the TOR and I2P networks ensure that transactions are unreadable or comprehensible to outsiders, and the IP addresses used are all encrypted. All transactions made through Verge Coin will be processed in a maximum of 5 seconds. This is ensured by the use of the “Simple Payment Verification” technology.

Who Are Pornhub?

Pornhub is a legal, adult-entertainment oriented pornographic website owned by Canadian company Mindgeek which first appeared in 2007. Pornhub has its headquarters in Montreal, and the website offers pornographic videos as well as pictures of a sexual nature. These videos are presented in multiple languages. The website ranks 33rd in the international Alexa ranking, and currently has an average of 64 million visitors per day, and many hundreds of millions of visitors per month.

Savvy Verge watchers and investors will be aware that the Verge team reached its vital crowdfunding target of $75 million worth of XVGs three weeks ago (thanks in no small part to  TokenPay) which steadied the Verge ship and made possible the then-secret partnership with Pornhub.

The value of Verge has benefited greatly since the announcement from the expectations of the unknown partnership. At one stage, Verge’s value increased by 80% based purely off Justin Vendetta’s “massive partnership” statement. Expect similar growth (and a lot more puns) in the coming weeks and months.

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