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Welcome To Blue Frontiers – Peter Thiel’s 100% Independent Crypto Island

PayPal founder Peter Thiel’s dream is about to become a reality: Blue Frontiers will be the first 100% independent floating nation outside of any government or legal system, with its own “Vayron” cryptocurrency. It will be launched in 2022 off the island of Tahiti.

It has long been a project close to his heart, and now Peter Thiel’s dream of a floating island paradise completely independent of any other nation’s jurisdiction is about to become reality.

Blue Frontiers

The floating island is known as the “Blue Frontiers” project,  is a $50 million pilot program funded by PayPal founder Thiel in collaboration with the Polynesian government. Blue Frontiers will also receive support from academics, philanthropists and private investors. The idea is to create a Utopia consisting of 300 houses, several hotels, restaurants and offices, completely independent of any other nation because it will float in international waters.

This company is building a ‘floating special economic zone’ from CNBC.

According to Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, a political scientist and researcher at the Floating Island Project, the island’s residents will be “free of geopolitical influences” and the new nation could also host refugees displaced by climate change. It is not by chance that Blue Frontiers will be positioned as close as possible to Polynesia, a region that rests on corals and which will eventually disappear as the sea level rises.

The new mini-nation will be environmentally friendly: all the roofs will be covered with vegetation and solar panels and the construction will use local bamboo, coconut fiber, wood and recycled metal and plastic.

Vayron (VAR) Will Be Island’s Unique Digital Currency

In addition to being the dream of Peter Thiel, the new nation relies on the support of the Seasteading Institute, according to which the main objective remains that of “freeing humanity from politicians”. That’s why Blue Frontiers will be only the first of a series of islands-nations, 100%  independent of international governments, where a person can live or spend a holiday outside of any jurisdiction.

Fittingly, the island will also have its own unique currency, a cryptocurrency which has been named Vayron (VAR). Interested parties will be able to participate in Vayron’s presale through a smart contract mechanism on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently 1 ETH is worth 14,750 VAR, with a Hard cap of 22,000 ETH.

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