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Privacy Statement


Please read through this privacy policy which only covers Bitmoneynews.com site.

Gathering Information

Bitmoneynews.com gathers tracking information and where applicable, personal information relating to newsletter signups.

Tracking Information

Tracking information is collected automatically on all visitors to Bitmoneynews.com which is gathered through the use of cookies. A cookie is a small data file containing information that is written on the users hard drive by a web server and used to track page visits.

Cookies are used to gather user behaviour on Bitmoneynews.com for analytical purposes such as improved user experience on Bitmoneynews.com, enhance site performance & speed.

Personal Information

Personal information is provided by the user when signing up via the newsletter such as email address & name or when publishing comments on an article which may include email address & name.


Bitmoneynews.com collects users email address and name when signing up to the newsletter. This information is used to send updates and promotional content to the users email address which can include latest blog posts & advertisements.

If a user no longer wishes for Bitmoneynews.com to hold their personal information such as name & email address, they must contact a support member through email at [email protected] and request the removal of their information. This can also be performed on some instances through the newsletter which is email to the user by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email and following the instructions.

If a user experiences any problems in removing themselves from the newsletter or their personal information, contacting a support member is advised and will usually take up to 48 hours to complete the request.

Information Sharing

Bitmoneynews.com does not sell or disclose personal information about a user to nonaffiliated companies, third party sites or advertising agencies, except in circumstances when permission has been granted to provide users with products or services which may be of interest.