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Is there are chance of a potential partnership between Ripple and Apple?

Over the past few months Ripple has been partnering up with a number of other companies, some big names including Banco Santander and OnePayFX. However, the one partnership that has got the whole of the Ripple community pretty excited about is the connection with the global giant of Apple.

At present, like most cryptocurrencies, Ripple is not performing anywhere near as well as it once did. If it is used by Apple, then this could really turn things around for the platform, and its value is likely to increase significantly. Investors are hoping that it will once again reach the huge high that it saw last December, where since it has just been stagnating.

Apple is the most valued tech company in the world, so it is hardly surprising that this potential partnership could increase the coins valuation. It will also help to increase the liquidity in Ripple, so that it is easier for those that hold Ripple to encash their holding, as well as improving the company’s overall credibility in the industry. Another benefit is that it is likely to encourage more people to invest, significantly increasing the price of Ripple further.

The aim of the partnership will ensure that Apple will be able to transfer money anywhere around the world quickly and efficiently, without any issues. Throughout its lifespan, Ripple has already tied up with many companies, meaning that the protocol is widely tested already, so there is a high probability that Apple might choose to run with the Ripple partnership. However, there are other cryptocurrencies that are fighting to get the deal, such as Stellar. Despite the competition, Ripple is much more credible when compared to these other services.

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