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Armory Bitcoin Wallet Review

The cryptocurrency community is constantly looking for new and secure ways to store and use their Bitcoins and Litecoins. One option now available is Armory, an open source wallet which provides multi-signature and cold storage support. Cold storage refers to keeping your bitcoin funds offline and away from any server or computer. This feature helps to keep your funds secure and out of reach of any potential hackers. It was one of the first wallets on the market to offer this option.

Armory has grown to be one of the most popular Bitcoin Wallets in the cryptocurrency community, thanks largely to its many features and great security options.

Note: Keep in mind that even with the greatest security features and big developer communities taking care of wallet maintenance, it doesn´t assure guaranteed protection. The price of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and will always involve a risk. Before investing make sure you have all the information you need to make a smart decision.

Is Armory the Bitcoin Wallet for me?

For many people the answer to that question is yes, but you should also evaluate other options to ensure that you are making the right decisions. There are a large range of other great options available.

Armory has a great reputation due to its robust security features and easy to use interface. It´s designed to reassure its users and provide a way to safeguard their investment.

If you are investing both for personal and business use, Armory can have both addresses stored, almost as if you have two separated accounts, but you will manage them through the same wallet. It also has another protection layer with a password-protected function which you need to use in order to send bitcoin.

The Armory Bitcon wallet is compatible with: 

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Apple Mac OSX.
  • Linux Ubuntu.
  • Raspberry Pi.

Armory Bitcoin Wallet Pricing?

Downloading and using Armory is free, however for every transaction you will be charged a fee which will be set by the bitcoin itself.

Currency Supported?

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency supported by Armory.

Adding Balance to Armory Wallet

Once your bitcoin wallet is set up you are ready to start receiving your bitcoin. You simply need to share your bitcoin address with relatives, friends or any other person that is willing to exchange bitcoin with you.

You can also buy bitcoin through a Bitcoin Exchange. Once you have made an exchange, the system will require your bitcoin address so your purchase can be added to your balance.

Can I receive payments with Armory?

Receiving bitcoin in any of the wallets set up in Armory is very easy. Just make sure you are providing the correct address for the correct transaction. Of course, to make payments through Armory you must have balance in your wallet.

In order to receive your funds, simply click “Receive Bitcoin”, select the wallet you want the funds to go into and share its address. Sending funds follows a similar process, you just need to click “Send Bitcoin” instead.

Armory also allows you to send bitcoin from the offline wallet. Click “Offline Transactions”, then the wallet will walk you through the steps in order to complete the transaction.

Is Armory Really Secure?

There are only a few wallets that can really compete with Armory. Users prefer it because they have full control over the creation and storage of their personal keys.

The cold storage is another layer of security. The only way that someone can get their hands on your funds is if they physically steal your offline system. However, they will still have to get through Armory’s strong encryption.

Where is Armory Available?

You can download the latest version of Armory from the company´s website.

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