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When starting off in the bitcoin world, you will first need to start thinking about the different types of digital wallet available to hold your funds. There are many different wallets available in the market today, each offering a little something different.

One of the first and most trusted bitcoin wallets was created in 2011, names wallet. It is not allied to any company, meaning you will have total control. No one can freeze your funds or have access to them.

This service has been loyal to the community for a long time, and over the years it remains as one of the industry’s most popular online wallets, with more than six million active users.

A few years ago, the platform also officially presented its application, so now users are able to access their wallet on their mobile devices. Currently it works with IOS or Android operating system.

One of its main features is that wallet gives users the opportunity to use the following currencies:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin
  • Ether

This wallet is very secure due to its implementation of HD addresses (Hierarchical deterministic), which simply prevents a Bitcoin address from being used again. When using an address multiple times, privacy can be affected as your identity and location can be found.

Another feature that makes this wallet stand out is that the user can organize their coins according to the function that will be given. It also has a touch-id function if you would prefer this to the usual password method.

Something that marks the difference between Blockchain and other similar Bitcoin wallets is that you don’t need to verify accounts by adding your personal information such as, name, age, address, phone or an email address.

Also, most Bitcoin wallets require that deposit transactions have 3 confirmations before you can use the Bitcoin. In Blockchain, as soon as you receive the money you are able to use it right away.

It is important to mention that the addresses provided by Blockchain are valid for life, and you can even create others. However you should try to use alternative addresses for security measures.

In conclusion, is a very useful wallet, suitable for users who are going to handle small amounts or are just beginning in the cryptocurrency market.

You can find the official website here.

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