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Coinpayments Wallet Review

Due to the large range of cryptocurrencies available today, and with more coming into existance all the time, users have a need to find a digital wallet that accepts multiple cryptocurrencies. Ideally, they need to also be able to convert one cryptocurrency into another.

To fulfil this need, Coinpayments wallet was created, a universal crypto coin wallet that has the ability to work with more than 120 types of Altcoins and at the same time, is a crypto coin exchanger. This allows users to make a conversion from one currency to another within the same site, without need of additional transactions.

The platform was created in 2013 in the city of Vancouver Canada by the entrepreneur and now successful businessman known as Aleksandrov.

How can I start using CoinPayments?

The procedure to create a new account is very simple. Simply enter the official site, fill in the form provided with a username, email and password. Within a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account, from which you should follow the link.

In CoinPayments you will not need to link any credit card or bank account or verify your account as the wallet can only be used to receive and send Crypto coins, unlike other wallets that allow you to buy funds using a credit card.

You will be able to find the following functions to take advantage of:

Deposit/Receive: Here you will be able to add linked addresses to your wallet which can be used by others to send you money. They can also be used to receive money from your online businesses.

Send/Withdraw: This function allows you to use your funds to send payments to people or make purchases of products or services that accept crypto coins as a payment method.

Auto Sweep: You will be able to schedule deposits or change coins automatically every 24 hours.

Safe: Using the ‘safe’ function you can lock the wallet, preventing any attempts to send or deposit funds.

Below you can find some of the main benefits that CoinPayments offers its users:

  • Simple and intuitive interface which can be used to make all kinds of transactions quickly.
  • Universality of the purse allowing you to have a range of crypto coins all in the same place.
  • Easy automatic conversion from one currency to another, for example, converting Litecoins to Bitcoins.
  • Avoids additional costs when converting one currency to another.
  • The wallet offers comfort and security. You can access it from computer, mobile, or any device.
  • The wallet allows you to purchase things off the internet.
  • CoinPayments has an affiliation program through which the company pays for direct references a generous 25% of all the transactions that the affiliates carry out for 5 years.

To visit the official website and start using CoinPayments, click here.

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